Resume Support

You’re serious about your career? You want the best chance of securing that job? The CELOTTI team can assist you with our resume writing service. 


A job posting in Australia for a role in mining or construction can attract over 600 individual candidate applications. That’s a lot of competition amongst job seekers!

Furthermore, approximately 90 percent of businesses and recruitment agencies use technology to sort through the resumes they receive, largely because they do not have adequate human resources available to assess each application individually.

CELOTTI Resume Writers understand how recruitment systems scan your resume to identify and extract key information. This means we’re well equipped to write a resume for you that will be viewed favourably in recruitment processes, and provide you a competitive advantage over other job applicants.


It’s simple.

  1. Complete our Contact form below, or call/email us to request a Data Collection Sheet, where you can provide all the information we’ll need for your new resume and/or cover letter.
  2. Send the Data Collection Sheet back to us along with your payment, and we’ll get to work!
  3. We may need to contact you during the process to quickly clarify any points or information you have provided. Our focus is on getting it right for you!
  4. Your final resume and/or cover letter is provided to you in Microsoft Word and PDF format. You own the document, to amend and distribute as you wish.

(Note that some of our competitors provide their finished documents as PDF only, to ensure that you return to them, at a cost to you, if you need to make any changes – even if just to update your address!).


Generally 3-6 working days from the date we receive your Data Collection Sheet and payment.

If we contact you for further information, the sooner you get back to us the quicker the process goes!

A priority 8 HOUR* service is available for an additional $86.

*Eight business hours from receipt of payment and data collection sheet. May not be available during busy periods; please contact us to enquire.


Package Cost (Ex GST)
Resume + Cover Letter $ 339
Resume Only $ 270
Cover Letter Only $ 109
Selection Criteria Quoted individually.

In order to quote we require a copy of the selection questions and/or web link to the relevant job.


100% required upfront. Payment can be made by Electronic Funds Transfer (direct deposit) or Credit Card.


Call 1300 CELOTTI, email or complete the below form to request a Data Collection Sheet and get the ball rolling on securing the job and career you want! 

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