We encourage new university and TAFE graduates to contact us regarding employment opportunities.

Many of our clients hold graduate employees in high regard for the following reasons:

  • graduates have fresh ideas and ‘current’ thinking;
  • graduates are keen to learn and quick to learn;
  • specialist and technical skills are up to date, learnt from current academia and work placements;
  • graduates are open to new ideas, ways of working, and experiences, and can be shaped to align with workplace culture;
  • graduates have spent years developing core skills that can easily transfer to the workplace including: written and oral communication, problem solving, presentation, research, data organisation and analysis.

So, if you’ve recently completed your university or TAFE studies and are looking for an exciting employment opportunity within the building, infrastructure or resource sectors, complete a Candidate Registration Form and a Celotti Workforce Consultant will contact you to discuss opportunities.

One Response to Graduates

  1. Dante Pancipanci says:

    Applying for any electrical engineering work

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