Our Services

Not just another labour supply agency. We offer more…

Our capability at Celotti Workforce to fully understand the complexities and particular requirements of our clients is attributed to our team of consultants who have strong technical knowledge and practical experience in engineering, construction, building, maintenance, projects, recruitment and human resource management.

As such we are able to offer the following services in an integrated approach:


Our Workforce talent pool is your answer to competent, casual staffing. White and blue collar workers are pre-screened and ready to be deployed, on-hire, to your project or workplace at a moment’s notice. Short or long term, we manage the payroll and administration so you can focus on your operations.


Where you require permanent staff for ongoing employment or long-term projects, we have the capability to meet your needs. With our large talent pool, our extensive network and our talent sourcing strategy, we are well equipped to attract and select the best candidates for your purpose. We source local first, then nationally and internationally as required.

Specialist services

Through our in-house capability and our partner programs, we offer and integrate the following specialist services for our clients:

  • Provision of complete project teams
  • Employment and background checking
  • Psychometric Assessment
  • Medical screening
  • Inductions/onboarding, incl. Health and safety inductions
  • Mobilisation/demobilisation services incl. relocations, town/city orientations and accommodation sourcing
  • Competency based training and assessment
  • Indigenous recruitment campaigns
  • Female-targeted recruitment campaigns
  • International talent sourcing
  • Visa applications/employer sponsorship
  • Human Resources consulting
  • Industrial Relations advice

Celotti Workforce has the commitment, ability and network to deliver these services, ensuring our clients’ workforce needs are consistently met in an ever-changing industry climate.

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