Hot Candidates – skilled Indigenous


Celotti Workforce has skilled Indigenous workers that are ready NOW for employment.

Workers are available on labour-hire or permanent placement.

Celotti Workforce is supporting the QLD Workforce Skilling Strategy to connect Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people with employment and we are looking for job opportunities for our candidates within the resources sector.

Candidates have been selected from all over Queensland and can take up remote work Australia-wide.

These work-ready candidates have been through a rigorous screening process and training program, and are:

  • fit and healthy;
  • able to work and live away from home;
  • equipped with PPE;
  • have completed Cert II in Drilling Oil/Gas (on shore) RII21109 – partial; and
  • ready to start their career in the resources sector.

Please refer to the candidate profiles below and we look forward to hearing from our clients regarding any possible employment opportunities.

If you would like to receive further information on any of these candidates, would like to meet with a candidate in person, or wish to enquire about our rates, please contact Celotti Workforce on 1300CELOTTI or email

The following candidates have completed Cert II in Drilling Oil/Gas (on shore) RII21109 – Partial, including:

  • Identify and minimise environmental hazards MSAPMSUP172A
  • Conduct local risk control RIIRIS201B
  • Carry out operational maintenance RIISAM209A
  • Work safely/follow OHS policies & procedures RIIWHS201D
  • Undertake first response to fire incidents MSAPMOHS212A
  • Operate breathing apparatus MSAPMOHS217A
  • Gas test atmospheres MSAPMOHS216A
  • Work in accordance with an issued permit MSAPMPER200C
  • Enter and work in confined spaces RIIWHS202A
  • Provide cardiopulmonary resuscitation HLTAID001
  • Provide first aid HLTAID003
  • Wellsite Permit to work Rev 3

Celotti Workforce Group 4 indigenous

Celotti Workforce Group 2 ESQ Candidates

Celotti Workforce Group 1 ESQ Candidates

The candidates below have partially completed Cert II in Resources and Infrastructure RII20109, including:

  • RIIBEF201B – Plan and organise work
  • RIIOHS201A – Work safely and follow OHS policies and procedures
  • RIIOHS205A – Control traffic with stop-slow bat
  • RIIRIS201B – Conduct local risk control
  • RIISTD201A – Read and interpret maps
  • RIICOM201A – Communicate in the workplace

Plus 20 Hours on the job work experience.

Celotti Workforce Group 3 ESQ Candidates

For further information or to speak with a Celotti consultant, please call 1300CELOTTI or email


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