Our CCNT membership provides us with up to date industry information, access to networking and industry events, and training opportunities.



CCIQ Celotti Workforce

Our membership with Chamber of Commerce & Industry QLD (CCIQ) allows our business to thrive. Through CCIQ we utilise training to remain competitive and business intelligence to keep us ahead of the game. The networks we’re exposed to and the partnerships we forge through CCIQ provide significant growth opportunities for our business.


Chinchilla Community Commerce & Industry Inc (CCCI) encourages trade, commerce, industry, community growth and economic development in the Chinchilla region in order to enhance the community and the interests of its members.

RCSA Member Celotti Workforce

The Recruitment and Consulting Services Association (RCSA) is the leading industry and professional body for the recruitment and the human resources services sector in Australia and New Zealand the leading professional body for the on-hire recruitment and workforce solutions sector in Australia and NZ. Through our membership, Celotti Workforce receives:

  •   representation,
  •   standards for professional conduct,
  •   company credibility;
  •   client and candidate confidence,
  •   education and training
  •   industry research, and
  •   business advisory support.

TSBE Celotti Workforce

Toowoomba and Surat Basin Enterprise (TSBE) is the go-to organisation that links business with opportunity to achieve sustainable growth and diversity in the Surat Basin region. Our membership with TSBE allows Celotti Australia to keep abreast of relevant information, networking and business opportunities in the region.

Celotti Australia ZeroHarm

The Zero Harm at Work Leadership Program aims to build a positive culture of safety in Queensland workplaces to help reduce the number and severity of workplace health and safety incidents in Queensland. The concept of zero harm means no harm to anyone, anytime while at work.

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