WA Mining Jobs: Tropicana JV to boost production, extend mine life with $46m expansion


Joint venture partners AngloGold Ashanti and Independence Group have unveiled a $46 million plan to lift production and extend the life of the Tropicana gold mine in Western Australia.

The miners have approved phase one of the Long Island mining strategy at the Eastern Goldfields operation.

Long Island will involve a strip-mining approach that minimises waste haulage distances by using in-pit backfill rather than trucking the material long distances to surface waste dumps.

The project is expected to add 2.1 million ounces (Moz) to the Tropicana business plan, extending mine life by around seven years to 2027 and increasing production to at least 530,000 ounces by 2019.

A 6MW ball mill will also be installed in the Tropicana processing plant, enabling throughput to be matched by the increased mining rate and improving gold recovery by 3 percent to around 92 percent.

The Long Island strategy is estimated to cost $18 million, while the ball mill installation will be worth $28 million. The expansion is scheduled for completion during 2018.

“This project is in line with our approach of developing cost-effective brownfield projects with attractive payback periods that extend life and improve margins,” AngloGold’s Australian senior vice president Michael Erickson said.

“The project validates the innovative ideas developed by our site team and technical specialists, and also gives us an excellent base from which we can investigate adding additional value through underground mining opportunities and regional exploration.”

The JV has forecast gold production at Tropicana to reach between 478,000oz-492,000oz next year, before rising to between 530,000oz-548,000oz in 2019.


This article was originally written for Australian Mining and can be read here.


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