$68m ugprade at Kogan Creek

Kogan Creek Power Station Celotti Workforce

A MAJOR overhaul of Kogan Creek Power Station will soon get under way.

And it will boost the number of workers on-site by about 500 at its peak.

Owner CS Energy will spend about $68 million on the overhaul of its 750-megawatt station near Chinchilla between April and June of this year, resulting in hundreds of additional workers arriving at the site.

The workers will carry out inspections and maintenance across 56 days to ensure the power station remains in peak condition.

Overhauls of power station were a regular requirement, and a major logistical exercise, power station general manager Phil Matha said.

“It involves getting equipment to the site, coordinating works to happen on time and liaising with the community to ensure the people working on the project could be accommodated,” Mr Matha said.

“We’re expecting a peak workforce here on-site of approximately 500 people, which will include more than 400 contractors, along with the power station’s permanent workforce of 72 people,” he said.

“The types of extra workers on site will range from trades assistants, to technicians and engineers, including a small number of specialists from overseas.

“This contractor workforce will be accommodated at different motels and camps in Chinchilla.”

Kogan Creek power station began operations in 2007 and is considered to be one of the most efficient coal-fired power stations in the National Electricity Market.

It features the largest single generating unit in Australia and water efficient dry cooling technology. CS Energy also owns the neighbouring Kogan Creek Mine, which supplies black coal to the power station and is operated by Golding Contractors.

Read more: http://www.chinchillanews.com.au/news/68m-ugprade-at-kogan-creek/2937062/#comments


2 Responses to $68m ugprade at Kogan Creek

  1. Andrew Madison says:

    Very interested in work for Electrical Trades Assistants, have worked recently at Lauren & Matilda Jane FCS west of Chinchilla ,electrical construction with EC&M…

  2. Ryan moy says:


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