QLD Gov against 100% FIFO mines

The Queensland Government has released a report recommending that no new 100 per cent fly-in, fly-out (FIFO) mines be approved in the state.

The advice is one of eight recommendations contained in a report prepared by an expert panel appointed by the government earlier this year to examine the impact of FIFO work practices at operational mines.

The mayors of Isaac and Mackay regional councils, as well as two resource industry leaders, were appointed to the panel.

At the time, the Queensland Government said workers should be able to choose to live in the resource communities near to where they work.

The panel’s report recommends that no new operations, within a safe travelling distance of a community, be allowed to have a 100 per cent FIFO workforce.

However, it counsels against altering existing approvals granted for resource activities in the state.

It further recommends the introduction of new legislation to force proponents to prepare workforce, procurement and accommodation plans.

It also suggests a body monitor compliance and the handing down of financial penalties for violations.

In addition, the panel recommends that local councils with resource activity in their local government area be encouraged by the Queensland Government to develop or improve long-term sustainable economic strategies to help manage cumulative impacts.

These economic strategic plans should be complemented by social infrastructure strategic plans and supported by improved data collection, coordination and reporting.

The expert panel’s report will be considered later this month by a Queensland Parliamentary Committee scrutinising FIFO work practices in regional Queensland.

The panel’s findings are in line with a submission made by Western Downs Regional Council to the parliamentary committee.

The council voiced its opposition to a 100% FIFO workforce and encouraged the resource sector to develop and implement a robust live local policy.

The council submission also noted the following:

  • Where FIFO is necessary, employees should be accommodated in nearby towns (if reasonable) and be able to contribute and participate in the community whilst on shift.
  • Access to information, such as FIFO numbers, where and how the FIFO workforce is housed and future requirements for FIFO from the proponents is essential for council to measure the impacts of FIFO and plan for the augmentation on local services and infrastructure in the Western Downs.
  • FIFO should be considered in conjunction with housing and accommodation planning to ensure significant impact is not placed on our regional communities.

For more information on the expert panel report and the Parliamentary Inquiry into FIFO go to the Fly-in-fly-out (FIFO) review

Source: http://www.advancewesterndowns.com.au/news/fifo-report-against-100-per-cent-fly-in-fly-out-workforce/


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