2,400 new QLD jobs following approval of North Galilee Basin Rail project

14 August 2014 – Queensland Resources Council.

The peak representative body for Queensland’s minerals and energy sector has congratulated Adani on earning state approval for its pioneering North Galilee Basin Rail project.

Queensland Resources Council Chief Executive Michael Roche said the project would provide vital jobs and confirm the long-term contribution of the coal industry to the state and the nation.

‘The approval of the new 300 kilometre rail project is a boon for Queensland and for the developers, Adani Mining and their partners, Korean industrial giant POSCO,’ Mr Roche said.

‘This is another important step in opening up one of the state’s great energy provinces, and for Adani, another milestone for its $16.5 billion Carmichael mine, rail and port project.’

Mr Roche said the North Galilee Basin Rail project alone could provide up to 2,400 new jobs, connecting the Carmichael Mine, north west of Clermont to the Port of Abbot Point, north of Bowen.

‘Regional communities including Alpha, Clermont, Emerald, Bowen, Moranbah, Mackay, Rockhampton and Townsville are all expected to benefit from development of the so-far untapped resources in the Galilee Basin,’ Mr Roche said.

‘Coal provides more than 40 percent of the world’s electricity and is predicted to soon overtake oil as the largest source of primary energy.

‘Despite baseless claims from the anti-coal brigade, the demand for thermal coal is forecast to rise substantially over coming decades with Asia alone requiring extra 46 million tonnes per annum. (see Salva Report – link in sidebar)

‘At its peak, the Carmichael Mine is expected to produce 60mtpa – less than one and a half year’s forecast demand growth.

‘We have seen activist groups try every trick in the book to disrupt and delay Galilee Basin projects, which not only delays the supply of electricity to the developing world but also economic benefits to Queensland, and regional communities in particular.

‘Regional communities are anxious for good economic news, an injection of confidence and most importantly, new job creation,’ Mr Roche said.

Read more: https://www.qrc.org.au/01_cms/details.asp?ID=3498&strUsername=suzie@celotti.com.au&varRefer=739854981153141971734141741356256256153641734356965641123854


2 Responses to 2,400 new QLD jobs following approval of North Galilee Basin Rail project

  1. Glenn Morgan says:

    Gday Suzie how are you ??? Just read your email and am hoping that they may require safety conscious truck drivers with good driving history

    Date: Thu, 14 Aug 2014 05:33:23 +0000 To: gmorgan_65@hotmail.com

  2. greg lythgoe says:

    looking for a peggy /cleaner job or labourer

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