QGC awards $90M rig contract to Easternwell

8 April 2014, Advance Western Downs.

QGC Pty Ltd has awarded contracts worth a total of A$90 million to Toowoomba company Easternwell Pty Ltd to build and operate specialist rigs.

Under a A$50 million contract Easternwell, a wholly owned subsidiary of Transfield Services Pty Ltd, will construct two servicing rigs.

To be built at Easternwell’s Toowoomba factory, the rigs are smaller, quieter, and more mobile than those used for drilling, and will be used for maintenance of QGC wellsites in the Surat Basin.

QGC and Easternwell have signed a separate A$40 million contract for construction of a drilling rig for exploration.

The rig incorporates the latest technology including automation, meaning it is safer for workers than older models.

All the rigs are expected to be operating from the second half of 2014.

The contracts support the jobs of 56 skilled workers who will crew the rigs and the 24 mechanics, engineers, welders and design staff at the factory.

QGC Operations Director Walter Simpson said innovation was essential to minimising impact and improving safety.

“We strive to operate with respect for people, the environment and property,” Mr Simpson said.

“That means adopting best practices and innovating to limit impacts and maximise benefits for all the people associated with our business.

“As with all of our major contractors, Easternwell is committed to using local suppliers of goods and services and to employing and training local people where possible.”

Read more http://advancewesterndowns.com.au/news-monitor/qgc-awards-a-90m-rig-contract


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