Jobs to go as QCLNG ends construction phase

 Deputy Premier Jeff Seeney visiting QGC LNG processing plant on Curtis Island in Gladstone Harbour. Pic Mark Calleja

The construction phase of the QCLNG project is winding down Source: News Limited

21 March 2014, The Courier-Mail.

QGC will cull several hundred jobs as its massive Queensland Curtis LNG project completes its construction phase.

The majority of the estimated 300 workers finishing up at QCLNG in the next few weeks are short-term contractors.

The cuts come as QGC’s parent, BG Group, also announced job cuts at its UK head office. QGC said the local job losses reflect QCLNG moving to the commissioning and operations phase, plus the need to manage costs across BG.

Most of the roles going are Brisbane-based and a small number are in the Surat Basin, where QGC’s coal seam gas reserves are based.

QGC is one of several players looking to convert CSG to liquefied natural gas for export from facilities on Curtis Island in Gladstone harbour.

It said QCLNG, on which 14,000 people are currently working, remained on budget and schedule for first exports later this year.

In more encouraging news on the jobs front, about 50 new workers are needed to help provide fuel for the Stanwell power station.

The new staff will be working for Downer EDI at Meandu Mine, near Kingaroy. They are needed because the Government-owned Stanwell power company decided to restart two coal-fired power facilities at Tarong Power Station. Stanwell has turned to the coal-fired plants after deciding to mothball a gas-fired power plant in Ipswich. Downer is under contract with Stanwell, which is the mine owner. Staff recruitment started mid-last month and is expected to be completed by June.

Stanwell said currently one-third of the mine’s equipment is working weekdays and “it will now move to running seven days a week”.

The coal industry has been hit hard by the commodities slowdown, with the Queensland Resources Council recently estimating almost 8000 jobs had gone since mid 2012. Also, Stanwell has cut 300 staff in the past two years to 800.

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