Count Me In: Origin promotes women in CSG

9 December 2013, Origin Energy


The fast growing CSG industry in Queensland has led to a sharp increase in workforce demand and a renewed focus on meeting that demand with skilled workers. For every new job in the resources sector, there are at least four or five more jobs created indirectly to service the sector.Origin has taken steps towards improving employment prospects for women in this expanding industry by partnering with YWCA QLD in a new research initiative across the Darling Downs and Surat Basin.

The Count Me In project aims to help maximise the opportunity for women to benefit from the flourishing CSG industry by identifying barriers to gaining work and determining where support is needed to help overcome them. One of the main outcomes of the program will be to assist women in finding opportunities that are flexible and family-friendly.

In June 2012, a social researcher surveyed women in the three local government areas of Toowoomba, Western Downs and Maranoa where there are significant opportunities as a result of the growth of the industry. Participants were asked about their work interests, current skills, education, employment obstacles and training needs.

“There are so many career path choices available for women in the gas industry, not only locally but globally also.”

Approximately 500 women from the local population of 25,000 responded to the survey and provided Origin with a pool of women to consider and approach with future employment opportunities. Participants will also be informed about current and future jobs in local businesses and councils, the CSG industry and the jobs that flow from it.

Origin’s Manager Approvals, Land and Stakeholder Rebecca Pickering said there is great scope for women to build a career in CSG.

“We want to know if there is anything holding them back. Count Me In has evolved from the expansion of CSG in South West Queensland but the scope of the project also moves beyond into the broader community and job market,” Rebecca said.

“There are so many career path choices available for women in the gas industry, not only locally but globally also. Many skills are transferable across borders, and from my experience the industry offers great flexibility, especially for women who have families.”

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