Queensland Curtis LNG project entering the home stretch

Monday 18 November 2013, Advance Western Downs.

QGC is entering the home stretch to have gas safely delivered to its liquefied natural gas (LNG) plant by the end of this year.

Now 70% complete, the Queensland Curtis LNG (QCLNG) project comprises:

  • Expanding QGC’s natural gas production in the Surat Basin.
  • Construction of a 200-kilometre, 40-inch gas collection header pipeline and a 340-kilometre, 1m-diameter export pipeline to Gladstone.
  • Constructing of a natural gas liquefaction plant on Curtis Island, near Gladstone, where the gas will be converted to LNG for export.

In the southern development area near Dalby, wells, gathering lines and gas compression facilities are well advanced, with crews preparing equipment for final testing.

In September, QGC awarded a major A$1.8 billion contract to Thiess which will see the employment of up to 2,600 people by early 2014. Crews will be working on 18 field compression stations and four central processing plants between Dalby and Wandoan.

Other recent highlights include:

  • The latest switchrooms for the central processing plants were delivered to the Bellevue development block, near Miles, in September.
  • Ponds are progressing well, with bulk earthworks finished at the Polaris block near Woleebee Creek development hub, and lining installed on the Glendow pond near Dalby.
  • Woleebee Creek Camp opened 300 more rooms and an extra kitchen, bringing the camp to more than 1,400 beds.

QGC is also on track to drill about 2,000 production wells for the project. Most of the wells are between 300 and 800 metres, in the Walloon Coal Measures of the Surat Basin.

In addition, two big water treatment plants have been located at QGC’s Kenya and Woleebee Creek sites, near Chinchilla and Wandoan respectively.

The two plants will have the combined capacity to treat 200 megalitres of water a day – or about 80 Olympic-sized swimming pools – during peak production.

In yet another advance, Motorola Solutions has successfully completed a dedicated communications network for the liquefied natural gas project.

The network, valued at A$32 million, is now one of the largest TETRA wireless networks in Australia and is used by QGC for all of its critical communications in the field. The backbone microwave network is currently supporting CCTV cameras in remote areas, as well as operational functions such as email, telephony and printing.

Motorola Solutions has been working with QGC on the deployment of the 28-site digital radio network since 2011. The microwave and TETRA digital radio system provides a wide area communication network, linking the central processing plant in the gas fields to its processing plants, field compression stations, main line valve stations, Chinchilla office and logistics facility and its corporate office in Brisbane.

Read more http://advancewesterndowns.com.au/news-monitor/queensland-curtis-lng-project-entering-the-home-stretch


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