Tony Abbott’s election win seen as win for southern Qld economy

9 September 2013  Fidelis Rego and Allyson Horn, ABC News

Businesses say the new Coalition government will herald a golden era for southern Queensland.

It campaigned on a $700 million promise to start building Toowoomba’s second range crossing.

Toowoomba and Surat Basin Enterprise CEO Shane Charles says Prime Minister-elect Tony Abbott’s decisive victory on Saturday means work will begin by Christmas 2014.

“You little beauty – it is fantastic for this region,” he said.

“Toowoomba won’t know itself in a few years’ time.”

Mr Charles says the past three years of minority government has not been good for business.

He says Mr Abbott’s big election victory will boost confidence.

“What we’ve been seeing in a number of sectors [is] that there’s uncertainty in spending and uncertainty in our national governance,” he said.

The Coalition is also promising to build a multi-billion-dollar inland railway from 2016.

The line would cut through Charlton, west of Toowoomba, where John Dornbusch’s Interlink SQ is building a major road and freight handling facility.

“The largest component of it is the proposed tunnel through the range – up to $3 billion of that money has to be spent in our area and that’s really important for us,” Mr Dornbusch said.

He says there is lots the new Government can do to help small business.

“Business people want the government foot off their throat and the hand off their wallet,” he said.

He says both projects will boost the local economy.

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