Arrow Energy Pty Ltd : Miles workshops to shape Indigenous jobs future

10 February 2013, 4-Traders.

Western Downs Traditional Owners will map out the next decade of work opportunities in a two-day planning session at Miles, with the help of Arrow Energy.

Arrow’s Indigenous Relations Team Lead Katie Sullivan said the company had engaged Energy Skills Queensland to work with stakeholders on future workforce development on October 5-6.

“Through the actions of Arrow’s Reconciliation Action Plan, the company has become involved with Western Downs Aboriginal groups as they plan for their futures,” Ms Sullivan said.

“The planning session will identify the type of work that will be available in the next five or ten years, and the skills that Indigenous people will need to fill these jobs.

“With this knowledge, Traditional Owners can plan for the long-term future needs of their communities.

“The aim is to combine all this knowledge and planning into a single, guiding document to be called the Western Downs Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island Community Workforce Plan.”

Traditional Owner Zeta Binge said 30 to 50 people from all over the region would attend.

“Such a broad range of people indicates how much interest there is interest in Indigenous employment and training and Indigenous business opportunity around Miles,” Ms Binge said

“This is an opportunity to strengthen the relationship between Traditional Owners, Arrow Energy and Energy Skills Queensland, and for the broader Indigenous community to understand how the relationship will work to get the
best benefit for Indigenous people. “This is an opportunity for getting the message out to the broader community, to those Aboriginal people who might not be Traditional Owners but who have a long history in the area, and to non-Indigenous people who have Indigenous children and grandchildren.”

Ms Binge said the workshop would also include a camp oven lunch, traditional dancing and visits to sites of Aboriginal cultural significance. Local people will provide catering.

The planning session will be held at Miles Hospital Grounds.

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